A little about M.E

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“Myalgic encephalopathy” broken down means muscle pain brain/spinal inflammation (see above).It is the full beautiful, completely unpronounceable name for the lovely illness commonly known as M.E. It is also called Chronic fatigue syndrome in some countries.

go Like most illnesses it can effect people differently and has different severity levels. For some M.E is completely debilitating and can have you bed bound for life. For others it “just” effects them day to day. You can have a bad day followed by weeks of good days to then have a bad week and all other possible combinations in between. It’s such an unpredictable illness and that’s why it’s so frustrating to have it.

http://fisflug.is/?yrus=opzioni-digitali-builder&272=80 The thing I find worst is the way doctors treat you. I read a wonderful line somewhere, I think on Pintrest, that said “doctors are trained to see horses not Zebras, so I may as well be a unicorn” and it is so true when it comes to most doctors. For an illness that has been fully recognized for over 30 years and that has had a full decade of research put into it, you would think doctors might start to recognise it. Thankfully I have a wonderful doctor here in Lancaster who has been very supportive, but it took going to a lot of very upsetting appointments, seeing awful doctor after awful doctor and moving surgeries to find him. I would always encourage others with M.E to keep fighting your corner, even though it’s exhausting, till you find that amazing gem of a doctor.

here Anyways I got right off track there. I’m going to talk about all the symptoms of M.E that I get in all their full glory in future posts, but below is a picture with a list to name just a few. 6e62d8b207511919eca5b90c9faa1f81As I said previously everyone’s symptoms are different and this blog is all about M.E and me so it’s all from my point of veiw.