Cumbrian holiday

buy dapoxetine canada It’s been a while since I have blogged as my blog decided to get hijacked by some spam website and it took a few months to recover it. Anyways we are now both back and looking pretty healthy. Nick and I were lucky this summer as we didn’t think we would get on a summer break but his parents booked themselves a holiday in the sun and we got dog sitting duty along with the keys to their car and beautiful house in Cumbria. They live in a peaceful area and it’s right by the sea so I always feel like I’m on holiday every time we visit.


I love the beach and the sound of the waves. There is something so calming and soothing about looking out over the ocean. I find the noise so cleansing and relaxing, plus the smell of sea air I swear can mend the soul.

The first week of our two weeks in Cumbria was unfortunately spent waiting for me to recover from a UTI. As all M.E sufferers know antibiotics are not our friends and come with a series of side effects that leave us beyond exhausted. On the plus side to all the exhaustion and not having much energy to do anything, it did mean that Nick and I got to catch up on all of last years great movies and the latest series of BBC’s The Musketeers so I can’t complain about the first week too much.

Our second week we decided to be tourists and see a few of the sights. As we had a car it meant we could go a little further a field. We spent a day in Whitehaven and went to the Rum Story Museum,which was really interesting, found a great book store, walked around the harbour, had tea and cake in the old church and a fish and chip supper in the car looking out at the sea. Pretty awesome day.

We also took a day to see the old historical sights, taking in Egermont Castle and the Viking stone carvings at Gosforth.

On the one sunny day we did have, yes there was actual sun in Cumbria, we took the dogs and a picnic up to Eskdale. We walked up to a beautiful waterfall and I swear if you didn’t know where you were you could have thought you were in the Amazon. I have never seen so much lush green anywhere before.


I could have stood up here for a good hour watching the water cascade into the pool below, however Sam decided he had a death wish and was desperate to get over the side of the cliff edge so we had to turn around and head back down the hill. Once we were at the bottom and had followed the river a little we found a lovely hidden picnic bench to have our lunch at.


Two of our wonderful friends from home drove all the way out to see us for a day too. It was such a wonderful surprise but also so good to get to spend some quality time with them. The day they came looked like it was to be a nice enough day, just light drizzle. We decided that we would chance the rain and head for a walk on the beach. The weather had a different idea and light drizzle turned into an almighty down pour and even though we all had waterproof jackets on we were soaked through to our pants in minutes. It was one of those moments where you don’t know if you should laugh or cry, so we all laughed and splashed our way through all the puddles on the way back to the house. Thank God for tumble dryers!

I love taking time out to go to Cumbria. I love the peacefulness of it, the every changing colours of the hills, the dark vast star filled night skies and the fact you can feel like you are the only person left in the whole world. Every time I visit I think I could easily live here. Might have to be something I look into more seriously now. Watch out Cumbria, Glasgow could be moving in!

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