Day 2 M.E week

signalanbieter binäre optionen Day 2 of M.E awareness week and I want to talk about my favourite low level activities.

dating during separation Being ill with M.E means I never really know one day to the next how I will wake up. I can feel great, be well rested and think that I will have all the energy I need for the next day, then when I wake up it’s like I’ve been hit by a bus. It goes the other way too, although less often, where I can feel awful before bed but wake up the next day feeling grand. This is why it’s always good to have a few low level activities available and preferably ones I can do in bed.

trade journal online My first activity is colouring. I know it sounds like something kids do but there truly is something really therapeutic about it. I really enjoy mismatching colours and playing with shading. The great thing about it is that the final result doesn’t need to be a master piece. Colouring works as a therapy and I can make it as messy or neat as I like.

watch image My second low level activity is word puzzles. I need to have a bit more brain power for this but when I do I can easily spend hours happily doing crosswords, word searches and playing boggle. I’m not the best person with words as I’m dyslexic and M.E only makes it worse. However on the days where my body might not want to work but my brain won’t shut up, I really enjoy having the mental challenge and it’s a real ego boost when I find a 6 lettered word in boggle. image My third low level activity is jigsaws. I have an app on the kindle where there are 50+ 300 piece jigsaws and I am slowly working my way through them. I know 300 piece isn’t big but you can’t have a 1000 piece jigsaw on a kindle, much the pity. When I have more energy I do larger jigsaws but on low energy days 300 pieces is quite enough. Forth and final low level activity is reading travel magazines. I love nothing more than to plan where Nick and I are going to travel to next. I rip out pictures, stick them in a scrap book and write interesting bits of information on the places we will visit. The great thing about making the scrap book is that I get to feel like I am being creative when I am having a bad day and I will never run out of places to read about. My life plan is, after all, to see as much as of the world as I can.

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    that was the word I saw above. Also quite like the scrap book idea. I like going places I’ve never seen before too, just don’t like learning new languages so like being places they speak English. However with translate apps it’s becoming easier to understand everyone.

    Maybe I should start scrapping to decide where we go next it’s always so difficult.

    Also colouring in is definitely for big adults too

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