Day 5, something I am preparing for Even though I have M.E I am determined that my love for travel will never be squashed. When I was bed bound I started a travel scrap book and a Pinterest board to get ideas, inspiration and do research on places I want to travel to when I am well enough. Doing this kept me looking forward to the day that I am recovered enough to start ticking these places off my list. It gives me something to be excited about and I love adding in new places as and when I find somewhere that looks amazing.

My number 1 destination is Kilimanjaro. I know I am being a little over ambitious with this one but it’s been in my top ten since I was 17.


Nick and I were lucky enough last year to get to visit Tanzania and spend some time in the Selous region. I fell in love with Africa when we were there and I can’t wait to go back. Our next visit might not be to go do the climb but one day I am determined to make it.


My second destination is Machu picchu and the Inca trail. You are probably noticing a theme here and yes I will need new walking boots. I’ve done a little research, while stuck in bed, on the Inca and I’m in awe of what they created. It’s probably the jeweller in me that’s most impressed as the adornments they crafted are just beautiful.


The third destination is the darjeeling himalayan railway. I watched a few documentaries on this last year and words do not describe just how beautiful the landscape is that you travel through. You travel nearly 7000ft up from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling on a tiny train. One of the engines that runs on the tiny 2ft gauge railway is from Glasgow. How fun is that?


Of course I have loads more places I want to visit and will have to start small and build my way up to these three adventures but if I get to do these three I will be one very very happy girl.

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