Day to day changes

I really dislike the unpredictability of M.E. Some days you know you’re going to get backlash from using way too much energy such as, friends birthday parties, going to a wedding, trips into town or a long walk through the park. However, on days where normally you are fine just loading the machine or catching up with a friend for a peaceful coffee, you just don’t expect to feel like you have been steamrolled the next day.

Yesterday, for me was a good day. I managed a shower without blacking out, falling down, throwing up or getting dizzy. I got a full load of washing through and hung up outside. PLUS, I went round to a friend’s house for lunch and watched a movie with her. Overall not too taxing as in the evening I did nothing but snuggle my boy (Sam).

Today however is NOT a good day. I am sore everywhere, even my face hurts. It’s like someone opened me up over night and poured a whole load of cement into me as everything feels swollen and heavy. I feel like I might just crack open at any point. I had to send Nick out to buy Co-codamol as I have run out. Total rookie mistake. Should have thought to get him to buy some straws too as just holding a glass feels like I’m lifting a 10 kg weight. I haven’t even made it out of bed today and its 4pm. Where has the day gone?

Got a friend coming round tomorrow with her wee man so I’m really hoping to have a bit of strength back for that as its such a joy to get to play with him.

Anyways my brain is screaming at me to close my eyes and stop torturing my fingers with typing, so I’m going to do as it says.


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