For me M.E is… Day 1 of the #1weekaboutM.E  and my first picture is Smile for M.E

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go Now I know I’m not smiling in this picture but this picture does make me smile. It makes me smile for lots of reasons but mainly because it reminds me that I have beaten this illness once already and I will do it again.

follow url For me M.E is constant.

buy Viagra amex in Peoria Arizona M.E is a chronic illness which means that it will knock me down again and again. This is my life and if I could take a magic pill to get ride of M.E I would.Everyday is a battle to get up, find the energy to wash, brush my teeth, get dressed and put on a smile. There are days when I just want to scream at the top of my lungs that I am really NOT OK but I just don’t have the strength. M.E has taken so much from me but it has shown me one thing and that is that I am a fighter. I used to climb glaciers and mountains, rock climb, walk for miles and run 5k fun runs and I could do all of them with out a second thought. Now, climbing stairs can be more draining than all of them combined. This means when you see me walking places, cooking meals, standing in crowded rooms and laughing, that’s me fighting. I’m fighting my fatigue, pain and sensory over load. I’m fighting everyday for normality. I am a M.E warrior.


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