Getting it, lack of it and not getting any.

follow site I am of course talking about sleep. It’s 2am and I’m beyond tired. I’m sitting up in bed with a bit of toast, listening to the dog snoring and farting away, wondering why the heck I can’t get to sleep. I’ve been exhausted since 4pm so you would think when I got into bed 5 hours ago I’d have passed out but no, here I am wide awake. My body feels crazy alive inside, my heart is working double time and my mind is working madly trying to planning everything and making to do lists. My body feels twitchy, I just want to get up and go and burn energy but I’m so weak it hurts to move my arms to even type this. I’m sure you can imagine my frustration! d7ba473d189b38bc90d2d6133314ea90

... opzioni binarie è una truffa Binary opzion 1 100 go here Opzioni binarie soldi Trading operazioni binarie I’ve been trying really hard to not have naps during the day and have been managing to do this most days. I’ve also been keeping more regular times when getting up and going to bed. These changes my O.T said would help on my road to recovery. I would agree with her on this as having a good routine has made huge improvements to my energy levels. I find waking up naturally instead of to an alarm has also made a massive difference to my mornings. I’m no longer hit with that sudden PANIC when the alarm goes off, leaving me exhausted and in need of a good chunk of recovery time. My “sleep hygiene”, love that phrase, has of course improved too. I no longer spend an hour scrolling through Facebook, pintrest or instagram once I’m in bed. I now leave all technology switched off so I don’t look for new crafting ideas and keep my awake thinking about colour schemes. I might read for 20mins or so, depending on if I’m at a good bit in a book/audio book, but 90% of the time I make sure I’m very restful when I get into bed. Again this is on my O.T’ s advice and I would agree it has made a massive difference to my quality of sleep. It’s also helped reduce the number of headaches I have, as I’m no longer looking at screens in dull lighting.

enter site However, even after these changes I still get nights like this one where I just want to scream. It’s the most frustrating feeling when your whole body is crying out for sleep but your mind is saying …”Nope! We are staying awake”. The longer I’m awake the more I can actually feel my body starting to fizz and my muscles become more painful.

opzioni binarie versione beta On the plus side, I get to spend the time look at new craft projects on pintrest and use my new colourful pens to make all those “urgent” to do list.

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