How is it April already?

follow link This year seems to have flown by in a blur so far.

how to purchase isotretinoin Just after Christmas, where I had a lovely time back in Scotland, I got really sick. As all of us with M.E know a common cold can quite easily put you in bed for a good few weeks and this one did. I spent a full month in bed feeling like I was having the relapse of the century. Thankfully my body beat it off but it took me two full months to recover properly. Thanks cold virus!

After the cold had vanish Nick and I had our first scan for bug. We were so excited to get to meet them. I had really hoped to hear their wee heart beat but it was just the ultra sound we were having. Bug put on a great show and we saw their little legs kick about, their wee arms stretch up in a sleepy yawn (clearly my child) and the chambers of their little heart pumping away. Such a surreal and amazing moment. This wee one is actually growing inside of me!

Meet bug

A few weeks after this scan we had our first proper midwife appointment and we got to hear Bugs heart beat. This has to have been my favourite moment in life so far. Just hearing the whooshing noise of their little heart beating away made me realise that, although my belly has started to swell, I really am having a baby. I am so proud of my body, even after nearly collapsing due to the awful cold I picked up, it is managing to make a baby and do it with M.E. Our bodies are such amazing creations and I can’t be more excited for August when I get to meet my own little creation.

Next scan we find out if Bug is a son or a daughter, actually can’t contain my excitement for that one. I’m going to finally get to be a Mum.

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