Is listening to a book the same as reading?

enter site I only fell in love with books and reading when I was about 14. It all started off with a free copy of Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice that my mum got out of a news paper. I remember watching the BBC adaptation with Colin Firth back in 1995 and I loved the dresses, dancing and smartly dressed men but that was all it was for me, not an epic love story. When I read it at 14 I was captivated by the fact that even though I knew the ending I was still worried that Lizzy and Darcy would never get together. Even to this day , I am on my 10th read atleast, I still get that sick feeling of will they won’t they. This to me is what makes this book so captivating and fantastic to read again and again. 73ee23a571ebb3ebe0a12ae7d8f13118

binaire opties 60 seconden I love all Jane Austens books and my favourite is Persuasion. I love the strong independent woman that Anne Elliott becomes and I’m head over heels in love with the dashing Captain Wentworth. Thankfully my taste in reading has expanded as reading the same 6 books over and over again I imagine would become quite tedious.

Interactive brokers options trading platform fees Reading has always been my comfort zone. If I ever wanted some alone time I’d go to my room and read. As someone who is dyslexic you wouldn’t think I’d love it as much as I do, but I believe it only takes one amazing book to spark your fire for reading. I have shelves of half read, read twice and still to read books. I go the market stalls and buy six or seven 50p books at a time to take on holiday as I will always choose a real book over a kindle/tablet any day. I feel reading off a screen defeats the purpose of book. Books are to get lost in, huddled up on the sofa with a cuppa or to get covered in sand as you relax on a beach. My favourite books to get lost in at the moment are Kathy Reiches. She has a whole series built up around her character Temperance Breenan. She’s a forensic anthropologist and it fascinating reading all the medical jargon. Her writing style is gripping and I never want to put them down once I start. Anyways I’m getting off point now, so back to the question. Is listening to a book the same as reading? My answer would be yes. As much as I’m all for the solid paper format of books, I’m finding now my brain has switched to M.E mode, reading isn’t as much of a pleasure. It’s turned into more of a chore as I can’t always retain what I’ve read and my dyslexia has weirdly got worse. Audio books have become my new best friend as I’m still getting swept up in the magic of words without the pain of trying to retain them. I can sit back, close my eyes and let someone else tell me the story that’s unfolding in front of me. I’ve listened to so many books this way and have been introduced to some brilliant authors too. I’m so thankful that my local library has a great selection and its too far to walk to.

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ghana free dating sites I am however looking forward to the time when I am well enough and have the energy to read a whole book in a day. I think I have enough unread ones to get started on.

This would be my dream home. Cozy, filled with books and natural light.....Bliss!
This would be my dream home. Cozy, filled with books and natural light…..Bliss!

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  1. follow link i love to listen to books. It used to relax me when I used to drive long journeys for work. Investigate radio 4 podcasts – they have some good downloadable books whatever they are featuring. Xxx

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