It’s an inbetweenie day Days like today I find a little frustrating as my body is not willing but my mind is going crazy being couped up. I guess one of the reasons I started this blog was days like today.

go to link I’ve been having a lot of these days lately and the utter exhaustion and full body weakness I have on days like today, makes me feel a little pathetic. One of the things I find helpful is to listen to audio books. I can lay with my eyes closed so I’m using hardly any physical energy (just typing this is exhausting me and I’ve been in bed for 2hrs resting) and imagine I’m Temperance Brennan, Jack Ryan , Anne Elliot or trekking alongside Michael Palin.

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binäre optionen raiffeisen Once I’ve built up the energy to hold a book I love nothing more than to plan all the adventures I’m going to have once I’m fully recovered again. I’m reading up on Tanzinia as Mt Kilimanjaro is somewhere I have always wanted to see and I’m now determined to climb. Paris is also on the reading list as Nick took me a few years back. On our last full day we were going to see Versailles but unfortunately I got food poisoning and couldn’t go, so I’m desperate to get back and see it. Also I’m in love with all things Art Nouveau, so just walking around Paris allows me to find all those wonderful hidden treasures. If I’m really lucky and get a bit of a nap, I sometimes have the energy to do this fabulous colouring book I was given as a gift. I will post some pictures next time as its a great way for me to be creative without having to hold anything heavy. Anyways all this typing has made the muscles in my arms ache like I’ve just done a day of rock climbing so I’m going to head for a much needed nap.

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