ME, getting a cold and the pain that comes with it. It is never fun, for anyone, getting a cold, winter lurgy or worse the flu. I’ve only ever had the flu once and that is what brought back this beautiful ME into my life again. ME basically gives you the worlds worst immune system as it is an immune disease. As much as there is still “discussion” over this, anyone who lives with it knows just how next to nonexistent their immune system is. Over Christmas I caught a cold. Just a common cold with snotty runny nose, nothing exciting or anything you would go to the doctors with as it’s just a cold. However put ME into the mix and your common cold becomes a not so common infection. With a weak immune system my body has to use all it has to fight off something that most people wouldn’t need a day off work for. My body is working double time trying to kill off the infection that it forgets to allow normal functions to happen. I start getting dizzy as my heart is working overtime, my legs just give way for no reason, my brain doesn’t make sentences anymore as the body’s powering my white blood cells into action and doesn’t need the grey matter.

ME hits the strongest parts of your body, I never understood that as I always thought if it’s strong then surely it can fight harder. My strongest part was always my legs as I hiked, walked, swam, climbed and ran a lot. When I first got ME, like so many others, I found it hard to walk. I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed let alone walk to the bathroom. Now I know when something is wrong with my system as my legs tell me. I get this sharp pain deep in the thigh muscle of my right leg, feels like someone is trying to scoop part of it out with a melon baller. When I get that pain I know I’m in for some fun.

Its been three weeks now since Christmas and my Christmas cold is finally almost gone. My poor wee body however has been left exhausted and in pain. It takes everything I have to fight off a common cold as my body just doesnt have the immunity it needs. I have doctors regularly tell me that excerise will fix my problem, taking anti depressants as I’m probably suffering from hysteria will fix it, take vitamins and eat healthy will fix it. I’ve tried all of them and it hasn’t fixed it, amazing that isn’t it!  Surly to goodness when all the “quick fixes” don’t work and all the “old fashioned” thoughts are clearly wrong someone somewhere in the medical community must be sitting up thinking let’s look into this a little more.

I often wonder if tomorrow 250,000 people stoped being able to work and became trapped in their homes would something be done about it? Would a solution be found? Well 250,000 people in the U.K. have had to stop working and are trapped in their homes and that number is only the people who have finally managed to get the diagnosis, not those waiting on theirs, but nothing is being done. Sit up government and see the suffering, see those who want to get better but can’t because you don’t fund research into this debilitating disease. We would do anything to get get better, go back to work and not be trapped here at home because something as simple as a common cold has left us bed/ house bound.

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