Mums visit I’ve just had my Mum to stay for a few days and I always feel a million times better when I see her. Maybe it’s her magic Mummy power or that I count her as one of my closest friends and often off load all my jumbled thoughts onto her but after one of her visits I just feel a bit lighter and brighter.

enter site This visit came at a very good time as I’ve had a shocking health week. I’ve had crazy fatigue, horrendously hilarious brain fog, migraines, muscle spasms, joint pain and a lot of weakness in all my muscles too. When things get this bad I tend to be less than fun to be around but some how Mum and Nick always manage to make me laugh and forget the pain. They are just hilarious to listen to as they have this great banter between them. I spent most of Mum’s visit laying on the couch listening to her and Nick chat away in the kitchen while they cooked and did the odd jobs that were needing done. I couldn’t stop laughing at the two of them bantering away and can’t even remember what they were chatting about, but I do know they are a wonderful cure for my bad days. The other wonderful thing about Mum’s visit is that she and Nick organised a bit of the attic room for me to finally have a proper crafts space. I now have a lovely big table to do all my scrap booking and Mum managed to fix my Grans old sewing machine so I can now teach myself how to do patchwork. Super excited to get started and once I have a few photo worthy things done I will post some pictures.

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  1. 712b10a8e4abbc1436bce3ec128c9a80 I can definitely confirm the “brain fog”. Although it can be funny, I know how frustrating it is for you and for other M.E sufferers. But patience and generally knowing what my Wife is thinking certainly helps!
    It has also given me the opportunity to become your editor in chief for this blog 🙂
    I’m always here to support (sometimes to stop you falling over), encourage you and make you smile.
    I can’t thank enough those other people who do the same.

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