New year not so new me, just happier!

source url It is that time of year when everyone makes big grand statements such as “I’m going to join a gym”. We state that we will see our families more, drink less, eat healthier and be more green. Do any of us actually start our new year thinking I’m going to make this my year, I’m going to do what makes me happy? Well, that’s my plan for 2016. image Disponibilit Looking back on 2015 it really hasn’t been a bad year. Nick and I moved house, we got to celebrate the birth of the beautiful Bethany Wilson, we travelled to Africa, we got a year older and we made new friends. My illness aside it has been a good year. However, I do find myself thinking where has 2015 gone. All those things I had planned to do and never did and that is probably because none of them were truly going to make me happy. So, my 2016 is going to be the year for me.

see url maailman vahvin mies stardoll nuket dating in russian language I am going to allow myself the time I need to get healthier. I really need to stop pushing myself to meet other’s expectations and learn to listen to my body.

source I’m going to do more crafting, even if it’s as simple as making birthday cards. This way I will give myself some me time, plus have the enjoyment of knowing I am giving something special to those I love most. I am going to go on a nice relaxing holiday. Nick and I went on a fantastic holiday this year to Africa. Admittedly the weather was a bit rubbish but we loved every minute of it. I came home feeling so relaxed and a millions time better, from all the Vitamin D I soaked up between the down pours, so another good sunshine filled holiday in 2016 is a must. Nick and I are going to have date nights/afternoons. I love every minute of the time I spend with Nick. Doesn’t matter if we are just reading books together or traveling the world, I just love being around him. So to add to my 2016 happiness, I’m going to spend more time with my amazing husband.

Finally I’m going to read more. I have so many books that are gathering dust and have never been read so I’m going to stop watching Netflix in the evenings and start reading again. I love reading/ listening to audio books and it’s far more relaxing than TV anyway.

Happy New everyone! I pray that 2016 brings you amazing adventures and so much happiness.








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