One week about M.E

May is the month for all of us who suffer with what are called Invisible illnesses to get campaigning and have our voices heard.

I enjoy all things which use social media as a soap box as a hashtag can be heard more loudly and further around the world than any strongly worded letter.

One week about M.E starts today on the 11th May 2016. I love this campaign as it’s a great way to find new spoonie friends and to really help support each other.

How this week works is through the hashtag #1weekaboutME Each day for a week I will be posting on my blog, Instagram and Facebook a photo and a message to help get the word out about M.E and to let other spoonies know they are not alone.


Also on the 25th of May I will be taking part in a world wide protest for all those forgotten by our health care system. I will be putting out a pair of shoes on my doorstep with a sign explaining what the shoes are doing there. Mine will say something like “I can’t walk to the shops due to M.E”

Anyone can take part in this and I encourage you all to get involved in it too, so please do join in. You can put shoes out with a sign saying ” I’m doing this in support of those who have M.E” or “In support of friends/family”.

Once you shoes and sign are out then please remember to take a picture and post it on social media with the hashtag #MillionsMissing. I’m hoping to see facebook, Instagram and Twitter light up with this hashtag and it will be a real encouragement to those who will be taking their stand in London and Washington that day.


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