The good, the bad and the sleepy

opciones financieras broker Nick and I went away this week for his birthday. It’s the first one we have had together for a while as he is always away at sea. I decided that we would take the bus to Grasmere and stay over night at the Travellers rest. If you are ever in Grasmere I would highly recommend staying there as its a lovely homely pub/B&B.

Viagra where can i buy in Bridgeport Connecticut We took Sam with us on this adventure and he had the best time I would say out of all of us. He loved the bus journey as he got to watch the world go by, say hello to people and sleep on nice comfy seats. binary options no deposit bonus july 2013 image

ikili opsiyon ticareti I had found recently that I am getting more and more prone to travel sickness. It’s frustrating as I have always been a great wee traveller till the M.E came back. Thankfully on the journey there though I was alright and got to enjoy watching the beautiful views of the lakes go by and do some fantasy house shopping. You know if I had £1million.

enter When we arrived in Grasmere we went straight to the gingerbread shop, it wasn’t hard to find as you just had to follow the delicious smell of ginger. Nick had been there before but I hadn’t and was surprised to find just how tiny it was. It’s such a cute little shop with great staff and is well situated in the centre of town. We didn’t have a long wait to get our supply and once we had made our purchase we were off on our first walk up Silver Howe.

follow link Cumbria is well known for its unpredictable weather but it was hilarious the 5 minute weather change we got walking up Silver Howe. First there was rain, followed by snow to then be greeted with glorious sunshine just in time for us to stop for a picnic lunch. image

site de rencontre punk rock After lunch we continued our walk up to the top and were treated to the most spectacular views of Grasmere.

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get link Sam, I’m pretty sure, ran up and down Silver Howe about 4 times before I made it to the top. It was lovely watching him run about like a crazy person, sniffing everything and yes rolling in sheep poop. Thankfully we found a stream and much to his horror we washed the beautiful mess he had gotten all over himself off.

follow When we arrived at the Travellers rest the girls made a right fuse over Sam and then showed us to our room. We had a lovely veiw over the fells and Sam enjoyed watching the sheep out the window. Since the hotel is pet friendly, Sam got to join us for dinner. He was exhausted though from all his fun so slept his way through most of it. Our bedroom was very cozy and comfortable and once we had had dinner we retired for hot chocolates and some delicious gingerbread.

The next morning we were up early, well early for me, and had a lovely cooked breakfast. Then started on our next walk which was up Butter Crag. This walk was on the opposite side of the lake to Silver Howe so as we walked we got beautiful views over the lake and onto Silver Howe. When we reached to top of Butter Crag  the snow decided to start coming in so we got to watch the clouds descend off the mountains and sweep into the valley.

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amitriptyline 200 mg Thankfully we only had the decent to do in the snow but I think the snow made it all look far prettier. It came in quite fast and lay lightly on the ground but only lasted a few minutes. It was enough time though for enough snow to pile up on Nicks bag to make a little snow ball. We throw it for Sam and he looked so shocked when he caught it and realised how cold it was. Wish I had taken a picture of his face as it was adorable.

detrol price comparisons We finished our time in Grasmere with a nice gentle walk around the lake, stopping off for a coffee before getting the bus home. It was such a lovely few days and I am so glad we did it as it is a massive achievement for me. However, I am suffering for it now.

Today is my third day in bed with a swollen throat and full body weakness. It hurts just to have the weight of the duvet on my legs let alone Sam who is demanding cuddles and how could I ever refuse such a cute face. I am slowly starting to feel stronger, hence why I am managing to write this today, but it is so frustrating that something which I used to be able to do daily I now can’t do without feeling awful for a week after.

M.E is a rubbish illness and an unbelievably frustrating one too. It’s something that I thought I had got rid of but now have to factor back into my life. It’s the kind of illness you only truly see when those who have it either let you in on their awful days or if you make an effort to get to know more about the illness. There are many faces of M.E and many people who battle with it daily. Most people who have it will only ever have people see the “good day face” of their illness not the “bad day face” so here is a picture of my good and bad days so you see both of mine.


Nothing says beauty like puff eyes!



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  1. I admire you Amy for your zest for life. I admire your honesty and determination
    People need to know about this misunderstood debilitating illness. Keep on doing what you are doing. I pray with confidence that one day soon this curse will be.hroken.
    I love your blog. Photos.are lovely.

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