The things I plan to do in 2017

follow link Every year I write a list of five things I want to achieve. They are never crazy big but things I know can be possible if I put the time and effort in.

buy priligy in the uk Last years list I managed all but 1 so I will be carrying that over to this year and will make it number 1.

1. Learn to make bath products

I love a good long soak in the tub and love nothing more than to enjoy a fab bubble bar or bath bomb while cooking myself like a lobster. I probably spend far too much in a year on Lush bath bombs so I thought it might be more economic to learn to make my own. Plus I can use all the scents I adore and can never get like Violet and lime.

2. Walk part of Hadrian’s wall

I would love to walk the full length and do the coast to coast walk but I think that might be a bit optimistic this year so I would just like to walk a little part of it instead. I have never been to Hadrian’s wall and it’s some where I have always wanted to see plus I think Sam would love running around like a mad puppy over the hills.

3. Travel somewhere new

Last year Nick and I didn’t make it anywhere new. I was unwell for a lot of the summer and Nick had courses to attend. This year I would like to make it aboard, somewhere warm and some where with lots of culture. Maybe India or Jordan as they are two places that have been high on my bucket list for years.

4. Read the Bible more

This really should have been higher on my list but it’s something I have already started on. I’ve always wanted to read the whole Bible as there are parts of it I have never read and really should have by now. I signed up on the 1st of January to a Bible in one year app on my phone that sends me the three parts of the Bible I need to read each day to have made it through the whole Bible in a year. The wonderful thing about this app is that it comes with a commentary too so I can see how the passages I read can be put into daily practice. Best of all is it’s also available as an audio so on my poorly days I can just listen as it’s read to me.

5. Learn to sew

Last year I taught myself through Youtube videos how to crochet so this year I want to learn how to sew. When my Gran died I got her old sewing machine. It’s nothing fancy just straight lines so I won’t be able make fancy clothes with it but I’d love to make some cute bunting or a few throws and cushions for the house. Plus it gives me an excuse to add another hobby to the ever browning list of crafts I love.

The thing I love about making a list at the start of the year is that I have 365 days to complete it. There is no rush and no pressure if I don’t but I love having a goal or two that is achievable. It makes the days I’m stuck in bed easier as I can use those days to plan how I will tick off the next item on my list.

I would love to hear if any of you do something similar or if this has inspired you to write your own list.

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  1. Looking forward to your line of cubist clothes….. Hope all goes well for you and you are able to get about more… Take care…

  2. Make sure you both go to India this time and visit my home, even if I wont make it. Best of luck for best of 5 xx…

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