enter My parents have always told me that when I was growing up I wanted to walk long before I learned to crawl. Once I was on my feet there was no stopping me exploring everything around me. I think I have always had itchy feet and a real fire for adventure. Unfortunately my ill health when I was a teen stopped me from being able to go off back packing around the world but I managed a few wee holidays aboard with my Mum and then later with my best friend Jen.

binary option terms Mum and I took wee week holidays to Majorca, Italy and Corfu when I was still too ill to be doing anything big travel wise. Thankfully for both of us a week lying on a beach or by a pool is blissful and we had a great time snoozing in the Mediterranean sun.

enter site Once my health was getting back to normal I took a transatlantic cruise with my Dad. It was a joint 21st/50th gift and after 6 days at sea we arrived in New York. We both went our separate ways as we only had 2 days to fit in everything we wanted to see. It was at this point I realised that I could travel quite happily by myself. I loved my days walking the parks, drinking coffee , soaking up the atmosphere and sight seeing on my own.

follow link The next year Jen and I decided to go to Cuba for 2 weeks. We had a ball!

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rencontre femme avec n de telephone We explored Havana, went to the Tropicana club and spend 9days sunbathing and learning to scuba diving at the beach. While we were on the beach part of our holiday we meet a guy who worked on Cruise ships. We sat one evening chatting away about travel and I got the idea from him of working on ships. The next year I was on the Aurora setting sail for Australia. I got to travel pretty much the whole world on ships (except from the Americas) and what an experience it was. I loved waking up in a new port each day and not seeing anything for days except sea. There is a real sence of freedom when you are surrounded for miles by open water.

site rencontre centre du quebec While I was on ships I meet my husband Nick. He, like myself, loves adventure. We had our first big adventure only a few months after we had meet. It had always been a dream of mine to see the humpback whales in Alaska, so one rainy afternoon in July Nick and I just booked flights to Anchorage. We left a few weeks later and travelled the full length of Alaska and Canada together, backpacking the whole way. It was and still is to this day the most amazing adventure I have ever had. image Over the years we have travelled far and wide together. We have been to Norway, Paris, Bora Bora, Key West and Africa to name a few. Thankfully Nick has always been there to help me get rid of any worries I have as M.E has left me a real worrier. My love for travel has never diminished but the sence of panic I have about leaving my comfort zone does unfortunately increase as my health gets worse. I keep a journal with all the places in the world I want to see before I die, it basically lists the whole world, and I am so glad that I have managed to tick off quite a few of them so far. Even as my health gets worse I refuse to let travel be another things this illness takes from me, so stay tuned as I am sure there will be plenty more adventures for me with the most amazing man in the world. image



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