We are having a baby!

buy propecia online cheap Hubby and I found out we were expecting on the 22nd Dec 2016, we are 6 months now and I seriously have no idea how time has flown by so fast. I’ve been wanting to do a pregnancy post for a while but just haven’t found the time or energy to do it, so I am so glad I can do one now.

http://mikescarpetconnection.com/mikes-carpet-outlines400x130/ I found out I was pregnant at just 3 weeks. I woke up one morning with awful chest pain and thought nothing of it as M.E can bring some crazy one day symptoms. The next morning the pain was back again and I thought, since it was heart related, I really should go see the doctor. I booked an appointment for the next day and didn’t think much of it. The next morning as I was getting changed out my Pjs hubby says “Have your boobs got bigger? They look massive from here”. That got me thinking and I decided before I went to the doctors I would do a pregnancy test as they always ask me “Is there any chance you could be pregnant” to which the answer is always, yes!

Perched on the loo, trying not to wee all over my hand, I watch as the little pink test line appeared. Popping the sticking on the side I washed my hands, waited 3 minutes and turned the test over. There was nothing, even the control line had disappeared. I took that as a sign of my utter lack of ever getting pregnant while I have ME and went on with my day. Around 2:30 I had this niggle in the back of my head to go check the test that I had disguarded in the bin. My doctors appointment wasn’t till 4pm so I still had time to faff about. When I got the test out the bin there were two tiny very faint pink lines. I stared in disbelief but was glad I bought the double test pack, so perch on the loo and having learned from my previous mistakes I wee’d on that stick like a pro. I waited my 3 minutes again and low and behold there were two glorious pink lines staring me in the face. I screamed for Nick and the two of us had a cry, a big cuddle and couldn’t stop saying how amazing it was. That lasted about 2 minutes till it hit us that we were going to be having an actual real live baby then terror struck of about 2 minutes. It was quickly back to joy and the excitement of did we think it was going to be a boy or girl.

Fast forward a few weeks, oh and my heart is fine turns out it was just pregnancy related, and I am laying in bed feeling like I am going to die. I contracted a hideous cold over the Christmas holidays and my body is unwilling to do anything. I have a fear that I may miscarry as I’m struggling to breath, let alone eat anything. I’m experiencing nausea like I have never experienced before, I can’t move for the want to be sick, can’t stand the smell of food let alone the thought of eating and worst of all I haven’t poo’d in like two weeks and my stomach is killing me.

All I want to do is curl up and die I really feel that bad. I’m also starting to panic that pregnancy is bring on a relapse of my M.E and as I’m so physically drained my mental health is out the window. I’m having some awful thoughts about how am I ever going to be able to cope being a Chronically ill Mum. What was I thinking getting pregnant? What kind of life can I offer a child?

Fast foward a month of disgusting snotty cold and I’m starting to feel more human again. It’s taken a long time to recover from this cold but it’s finally shifted and I’m back on my feet. The nausea has eased and I’m able to eat again. I’m so thankful that baby is still growing and in awe of my body for keeping this little precious life alive. My mental health has also settled and I am no longer living in sheer terror of my illness or this beautiful little life. I am back to being overjoyed and excited to meet this little bundle of joy. We are around 10 weeks now and have our first scan next month. Both of us are really excited to get to see Bug. We have nicknamed he/she Bug as they are my little parasite, I know it’s terrible but it makes me laugh and they are causing hovoc. 

Meet bug

There they are, the little mischief monkey! I’m overjoyed to see bug’s heart beating away, get to watch their little legs kick and wee arms stretch. According to the scan we are on track, all is well and we are cooking on gas. One very happy Mumma and one very emotional Dadda! Now to tell the families that there will be a grandchild come August.

Of course, after the are you joking comment, the first things everyone asks as soon as they know you are pregnant is “Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl” closely followed by “So what are you going to name them”. I’m enjoying the looks I get with my my responses of, we are having a puppy, they will be called Chardonnay for a girl and Jayden for a boy.

Now all i have to do is get through the next three months without falling over too much. My centre of gravity if all messed up now I am carrying a big old bump up front. I love watching my bump grow and I really do feel beautiful right now, although the sweats, weird hair growth on my belly and terrible skin I could do without.

So excited for August!!!! Come on baby Abbott, your Mummy can’t wait to meet you! Although not to soon, we want you nicely cooked ok!

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